Professional Window Cleaning Services Explained


Windows are a standard feature in every home and business, from single-story dwellings to skyscrapers. But just like any other part of the home or office, windows need to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

That’s why window cleaning services exist – to ensure that your windows stay clean and clear while providing you with the best view possible.

But what exactly is window cleaning? And how can professional window cleaning services help? Let’s find out!

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What Is Involved in Professional Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning is a professional service that uses specialised tools, techniques, and solutions to make sure windows are kept clean inside and out. This includes removing dirt, grime, water spots, fingerprints, bird droppings, cobwebs, and other debris from glass panes both inside and outside of buildings. The goal of window cleaning is to make sure windows are free of smudges or streaks so that they can remain as transparent as possible while still maintaining their structural integrity.

Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning Services

Hiring professional window cleaning services can save you time and money while ensuring the job is done correctly. Professionals use special tools such as extension poles with squeegees attached at the end so that they can reach the topmost part of windows without having to use ladders or scaffolding. They also have access to specialised solutions designed specifically for cleaning glass surfaces which helps reduce streaks or smudges left behind after the job is completed.


What Are the Prices of Professional Window Cleaning Services?

At Happy Window Cleaning Company, we strive to bring you the highest quality window cleaning services available. Our team of experienced professionals provides comprehensive window cleaning for both residential and commercial properties, starting at just €50.

We are passionate about delivering a clean and streak-free finish on all our projects, leaving you with brighter windows and happier customers! Our professional staff uses the latest techniques to ensure that your windows shine like never before – making your property as safe and beautiful as possible.

Are Your Company’s Staff Trained and Insured?

At Happy Window Cleaning Company, your peace of mind is our priority. Our staffs are fully trained and insured professionals, so you can trust us to provide exceptional service without any risk. You’ll be thrilled with the results every time, as our team always offer a friendly and highly professional approach – no job is too big or too small!

What’s more, all the products we use are 100% environmentally safe, giving you the assurance that your windows will be left clean and sparkling without causing damage to the environment. So, get in touch with us today to enjoy the fantastic service of Happy Window Cleaning Company.

The Happy Window Cleaning Company

The Happy Window Cleaning Company offers reliable window cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers throughout Ireland. Our team of experienced professionals has been trained in the latest techniques for safely cleaning all types of glass surfaces, including double-glazed windows, frames, sills, and more.

We use their own Reach & Wash System, which utilises telescopic poles with soft wash brushes for removing dirt without scratching surfaces or leaving streaks behind. We are fully insured with public liability insurance up to €6.5 million, so you can be assured that your property will remain safe during any job they take on. Additionally, we offer a 48-hour guarantee on all work carried out, so if there are any issues after completion, we will come back free of charge to resolve them within two days.

Advantages of the Reach & Wash System

The innovative Reach and Wash system from the Happy Window Cleaning Company takes window washing to a whole new level! This system works by using pure water, along with a brush on a pole, to gently lift away dirt from windows without any harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing. Not only is this window cleaning method efficient and effective, but it also produces outstanding results with no streaking or smearing. 

Our Reach & Wash system allows us to reach up to 80ft into the air without needing any ladders or scaffolding (unless safety regulations require one). This system ensures maximum performance while still remaining safe since no one needs to be high up when it’s being operated – perfect for those hard-to-reach places like skylights! 

Plus, it leaves no streaks or watermarks behind due to its powerful yet gentle soft wash brushes. These gently but effectively remove dirt from large surfaces such as conservatory roofs without damaging them in any way! 

So, if you’re looking for an easy and safe method of window cleaning that will make your windows look good as new, then the revolutionary Reach and Wash system is for you!

Do You Ever Use Ladders?

At the Happy Window Cleaning Company, we always strive to ensure the safety of our staff and customers by adhering to safety regulations related to the use of ladders. Whenever possible, our team members will use more efficient methods, such as poles with water-fed brushes or even a water-fed pole system that can reach up to 80 feet in height.

Ladders are only used when absolutely necessary, as dictated by strict safety standards, in order to protect everyone’s well-being. We always put safety first and are confident that our clients appreciate being able to trust us in this regard.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Here at Happy Window Cleaning Company, we take customer service seriously. So, if you’re unsatisfied with any of the services we offer, then we’ll make sure to make it right. We guarantee that within 48 hours of reporting a problem. We will take the necessary steps to rectify any issues and ensure a satisfactory outcome for our valued customers. 

From high-rise office buildings to single-story homes, keeping your windows clean is an important part of maintaining your property’s value and aesthetic appeal. Not only will cleaning make your windows look good, but it also prevents long-term damage caused by dirt buildup over time!

By utilising professional services such as those offered by The Happy Window Cleaning Company, you can ensure your windows remain crystal clear while receiving top-quality service backed by their 48-hour guarantee! So, contact The Happy Window Cleaning Company today for all your window cleaning needs!

Do Customers Need to be Present While Window Cleaning Is Ongoing?

At Happy Window Cleaning Company, we understand that our customers may not always be able to attend the window cleaning appointment. Rest assured, no presence is required!

We’re expertly trained and highly experienced in cleaning windows and will take care of everything for you. However, if you have any additional instructions or would prefer to be present for any reason, please just let us know in advance. We’ll do our best to accommodate whatever makes your window cleaning experience the most convenient for you!

Why Does It Appear that the Glass Is Still Wet?

At the Happy Window Cleaning Company, we understand that a pristine view is paramount. That’s why we are committed to using the best techniques during window cleaning. We use the latest technology – pure filtered and deionized water combined with soft brushes on a carbon fiber telescopic pole – ensuring your windows are not left with watermarks or blemishes. Depending on weather conditions and humidity, you may find pure water droplets on the glass after our job is finished. These should evaporate quickly and can be dried with a paper towel if necessary, leaving your windows perfectly clean.

Our Window Cleaning Services

Exterior Window Cleaning

Outside Window Cleaning

Exterior window cleaning is important to maintain the curb appeal of your home or business. Our team of experienced professionals will leave your windows sparkling clean, free of streaks, smears, and dirt.

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Interior Window Cleaning

Inside Window Cleaning

Interior window cleaning is just as important as exterior window cleaning, and our team takes just as much care and attention to detail while cleaning the inside of your windows. In addition to cleaning the glass, we also wipe down sills and frames to remove any built-up dirt or dust.

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter and Fascia Cleaning

We also specialize in gutter cleaning (including clearing debris out of gutters and washing gutters, fascia & soffit), property sign cleaning, and after build cleaning (removing stickers, sticker residue, cement, silicon marks and paint), Velux / skylight cleaning, patio door / large glass wall cleaning, conservatory side glass cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning and more.

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